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Monday, January 28, 2013


Fourteen of the last 20 days, I've been gone.  First, at my Rural Leadership seminar.  Then to visit my beloved southern family (my mom, brother, sista (my affectionate name for my sister-in-law, even though they live in the south, they are not related), and nephew.  And finally, to attend the Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society's annual Winter Conference.

And although Hubby may be many wonderful things, a housekeeper he is not.

I'll spare you the graphic details, but I'll just say that I need to so some housecleaning.  Deep down, little-boy-bathroom housecleaning.  Deep down, husband-cooking-kitchen housecleaning.  I think you get my drift...

So, today I'm cleaning.

But I'll be back with news from the conference, ode to a crockpot, website information, and a rant about being a lunatic.

See?  So much to look forward to!

Until then, I'll be scrubbing...


  1. Sisters in cleaning, you and I - I've been down with a sinus infection the last two weeks, watching it all build up around me, no energy to nag. Am I the ONLY person tripping over the balls of dog hair floating down the hall floor? Crank the music, roll up your sleeves, keep the tea pot going. You'll git 'er done.

    1. I ask the same questions about laundry, toddler food dropped from the table, toys and outerwear. Am I the ONLY one??


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