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Friday, January 4, 2013

And Not to Be Outdone

So yesterday I told you that I love my four year old because she is funny.

And then her brother had to go ahead and bump up the level of funny we have around here.  As you know, he is a cowboy.  And he talks like a three year old version of John Wayne.  Slow, with pauses and a slight drawl....he'd fit in perfectly in East Tennessee with his uncle.

Here are some of our favorites from Kiddo2:

"Dad?  I kinda think you should maybe make me some breakfast.  Yeah, I like breakfast a little bit."

His new words are 'awful' and 'difficult'.
"Mama, I can't get my pants off.  It's awful difficult in here right now."

Me:  Good morning Kiddo2!
Him:  I'm not Kiddo2, I'm Gil Favor, trail boss.

Just yesterday, my new assistant was getting into her red car.
Kiddo2 calls out to her, "Do you have a red car there?  I like red cars and I have a plan for sharing things."

And, in the category of things I'd never thought I'd have to say to my children (that I've said to him):

"Your sister is not a coyote!"

"Put down your gun so you can pee!"

"I'm sorry John Wayne, but you cannot take your gun into WalMart."

Finally, in the category of melting his mama's heart:

"Mama, you are just like Big Bill.  You make me good things to eat!"

"Mama, can you just hold me a little bit?"

When asked what his mother's name was:  "I kinda think it's Honey.  Yeah, it's Honey."


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