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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Burritos - Stuffed, Grilled, Delicious

I love burritos. I love burritos smothered in sauce. I love burritos smothered in pollo fundido sauce.

Let's make some super easy burritos!

First, you need large, burrito-sized tortillas, some corn, black beans, cheese, meat of your choice, salsa and rice. That's it!

The rice was precooked (leftovers from beef stroganoff the day before). As with most of my recipes, this one is very forgiving so use whatever quantities you want for however many burritos your need to make.

Add your salsa. I like to use a hotter salsa than I normally eat with chips because the rice and other stuff will tone down the heat.

Throw in some corn. Usually I have home-canned corn but that ran out last week, so frozen it is!

Here's some leftover hamburger, green peppers and onions. Whatever meat you have is fine. I've used chicken, beef roast, pork and no meat for a great vegetarian burrito!

This is the greatest invention since sliced bread. The Leap Frog Refrigerator Farm has allowed me to get countless meals on the table with two children in my runway kitchen.

Open, pour and rinse the black beans.

Rinse all that "bean slime" off of them. I thought that was just institutionally canned slime, but when I homecanned some beans, I had the same stuff. No matter, just rinse it off.

Add to mixture.

I added a little ketchup because my rice was a little on the dry side. You don't want any "sauce" but it shouldn't be dry either. It's a grey area!

When you've warmed all the ingredients, about 10 minutes on medium heat. Add the cheese. You don't want to cook cheese, just let it melt on it's own.

Heat your griddle to between 300-350 degrees. We want to brown the burritos so it should be hot and quick.

The luscious filling!

Now we're going to make a burrito. It's simple, you can do it!
Lay out the tortilla. If they are stiff, throw the bag in the microwave for 30 seconds and get them pliable. We want them to bend and fold, not tear!

Put in some filling. This is trial an error as to how much you should put in. I start with 1/3 cup and work up from there. I want my burritos full but not so much so that they don't stay together.

Fold the bottom third up toward the top.

Fold over the left side. Note the angle of the fold, it's not horizontal...leaning to the center.

Now the right side. Notice the corresponding angular fold! This helps hold the burrito together.

Fold the filled and folded part of the burrito up over the top flap. Too many people try to do it the other way and it falls apart when you try and move it.

Ahhhh, a whole roll of burritos! You want to spray the surface of the griddle with non-stick cooking spray so that the burritos don't stick and so that they brown more easily.

After 4-8 minutes have passed, they are ready to flip! Spray the top sides of the burritos first.

Flip the burritos with a pancake flipper. My daughter fetches mine for me and then is horribly disappointed that we aren't having pancakes. This is the desired degree of doneness.

Perfectly browned, grilled, stuffed burritos!

I made a great dip for my burrito combining equal parts blue cheese dressing (I LOVE fermented cheese) and sour cream.

Then the camera battery died and I was hungry so there are no more photos of the burritos. Verdict? My 8 and 10 year old niece and nephew ate a whole one and asked for more. The hubby had three, I had two. Then we groaned like beached whales. They are very simple and a great use for leftovers. I've even made breakfast burritos!

Now I just need a great recipe for pollo fundido sauce and I'm set! (Set to gain 30 pounds...)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Rainy Day Walk

It has rained most of today, which is great for the gardens. Not so great for the 4 kids and one mommy who've been cooped up in the house. At 4:30 we busted out for some fresh air.

Here are Niece and Nephew heading out along with our new cat, formerly known as Hannah, now known as Mrs. Whampus. Hannah was just too similar to my daughter's name.

Speaking of my daughter she insisted on carrying her red plastic lawn chair on our walk.

And here's Kiddo2, otherwise known as "Bump", ready to hit the road...or driveway.

The view, shrouded in mystery. I think there might be a Loch Ness Monster out there in the mist!

Kiddo1 trudges on with her trusty chair in tow. I offered to carry it and was flatly turned down.

Is this central ND or Seattle??

My beloved Kiddo1 drug/carried her beloved chair a quarter of a mile just to do this. Sit down and watch her "PUP" fetch sticks in the water. And then she carried it all the way back.

She is very determined...I wonder where she got that from??

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Newest Farm Member

I'd like you all to meet Hannah, our newest farm member!

Hannah, say hello to everyone.

I've not mentioned her existence the past two plus weeks on purpose because we have a bad track record with cats. It all starts with Duke,

and his slobbery love of chasing cats. The cats are not informed in advance that he will not actually bite them, he just likes to chase. Therefore, they run for their ever-loving lives. When Duke first came, we had 6 cats that spent two weeks on the tops of various vehicles and trees to keep themselves away from this beast.

Back to Hannah, on first arrival, she hid like the rest of the cats (which all but one of them moved away rather than live their lives in a wheel well of a pickup). Then she figured out that although Duke is loyal, he ain't real bright. She gave him one swipe in the nose and now enjoys the run of the farm.

Hannah really is a beautiful cat and very patient with my children, which I appreciate. What I don't appreciate is her loud Siamese voice, particularly at 6:30am under my bedroom window.

I guess we'll survive somehow.

Anyway, welcome to Hannah and we kind of hope she sticks around! Our other cat, Raisin, could use the company and Duke could use the discipline.