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Monday, January 21, 2013

She's 2!!

Yesterday we celebrated Kiddo3's birthday.  She's 2.

She had homegrown ham, smoked gouda scalloped potatoes and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for her birthday.

She found her presents and opened one early.  I only found out because she came out to the kitchen to throw away the wrapping paper.

Two years ago it was this cold, but we had much, MUCH more snow.  And the day we were supposed to come home from the hospital it was blowing so bad that Hubby and the other kids couldn't come get us.  We spent an extra night with our friends on the OB floor.

In the past two years this girl has brought an amazing dimension to our family.  She is our MOST child.    She is the most loud, most happy, most active, most messy, most destructive, most smiley, most loving person in our family.  

She is an early riser, almost always the first one out of bed.  She doesn't talk much (I think it's because she's waiting to get a word in between the talk of cowboys) but when she does, it amazes us.  She knows FAR more than what she lets on.  (We can't believe she knows the word "heavy" when trying to lift mom's computer bag.)

Happy Birthday, Note!

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