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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our New Years Tradition

Back in my wild single days, I hosted a New Years Day brunch to watch the Rose Parade.  Yes, that's how wild my single days were.  That was my New Years tradition.  After five years of no TV, that tradition, understandably, has died.

This New Years Eve, we spent doing some home improvement.  Specifically, purging our house of 40 year old carpet.  I'm not a big fan of carpet and 40 years is a good run.  It had to go.

We had wanted to do it before we moved, but that didn't happen.  We weren't sure about the condition of the floors underneath.  Dad had told us before he died that there were hardwood floors under there that Grandpa had put in around the late 1940's.

We started in the hallway.

And in just over an hour, this is what we found!

And if you think I did a happy dance right then and there you would be correct!  They are gorgeous and in perfect condition.

So we moved on to the living room.

This is our wild New Years Eve.  Wild with perfect-hardwood-floor excitement!

On New Years Day Kiddo1 and I made some pie.  Hubby bought me a french rolling pin for Christmas so my previous one went to Kiddo1.  Now we don't have to share it and she can roll her own crust.  She wanted to make a chocolate pie and she made it all herself.  Four years old and making her own pie...if you think she was pretty excited, you would be correct.  She called both her grandmas to tell them of her "very delicious pie".

And our New Years meal was Olive Garden Topper.  That will probably be a tradition as well.  

Along with home improvement and pie...


  1. Wow! Love the "new" floors! ~ Great job on the pie big girl. We woke to the smell of pancakes and eggs this morn. What a blessing to have girls that love to cook/bake. I can see breakfast in bed in your near future. :)

    1. I can only HOPE!! That would be awesome. Maybe I need to send her north to get trained?? :)

  2. When we lived in the parsonage in Minnesota, one of the previous pastor's widow began to tell us stories of the parsonage. She lived in it when it was brand new.She said she was most upset that they had given her wood floors in the main floor. . .it was too loud with the children. When we moved in there was ugly grey carpet. . .I peeked under a corner. . .gorgeous oak floors! We got permission to pull up the carpet and loved the floor. Rumor has it that our living room has wood floors. . .I may get brave soon!

    1. Do it Pam! I'll come and hold your hand (and a pry-bar).

  3. Oh, the new floors look wonderful - awesome that they were in such great shape. Chocolate pie at 4 yrs old, the mind boggles as to what culinary feats she can manage by the time she's 6!

    The recipe looks easy and delicious - my favourite kind!

  4. The floors are beautiful. I, too, am not a fan of carpet. We have no carpet in our home except for area rugs and I don't like alot of them either. I buy a carpet remnant (7x10),that has its edges finished, for my living room, at Menard's for around $30 which I replace about once a year. Since we have an inside dog it does get dirty. It is cheaper and easier for me to just replace it than to rent a carpet cleaner.

    Love the little pie maker. Good job on your training, Mom!


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