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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Into the Future

It's planning season here on the farm.  Which means I have BIG dreams and plans...and Hubby has reality.

I tend to think anything is possible.  He refers to it as my "eternal optimism".  Hubby knows that anything could go wrong.  I refer to him as the "voice of reason".

And when Eternal Optimism meets Voice of Reason, that's where we find a farm plan.

For example, I think we should do 50 turkeys next year.  Hubby says 30.  Which means that it will probably be 30.  (Unless I can convince him that the hatchery made a mistake and sent 50...)

The problem with moving is that the post office doesn't forward seed catalogs so I've had to go on each companies website and request new catalogs.  As of today, only one has shown up.  So at a time when I've had my seed lists done and orders made, I still don't have a clue of what I'm doing for seed.

We're waiting on a boar for Patsy Swine.  He's an Old Spot boar and we're pretty thrilled to farrow our own pigs this year.  There's also a couple of Berkshire and Hampshire gilts available that we are talking about.

Anyone else doing planning for 2013?

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  1. Lol...same at our house - I'm the dreamer, he's the realist. I say let's build a new chicken house, he says let's fix the old one. Good thing he's around, or we'd never save any money! That's great about the plans to farrow your own pigs - another step toward sustainability. Go for 40 turkeys...


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