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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Thrill of Organization!

I like to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

But I married a "I can't find it if I can't see it" kind of guy.

We struggle with this daily.

One of the biggest areas of struggle was the kids' coats, shoes, hats and mittens.

Enter the Fix-It Farmwife and her trusty drill, some coat hooks and crates.  This closet used to have coats on hangers.  I don't even like to hang a coat on a hanger, so my kiddos weren't about to start.  And besides, it was five feet in the air.

And now we have a place for everything!!

(We're working on the "everything in its place" part.)

I may be just a little bit excited about this.

But so is Kiddo2...

just look at that smile!  It says "Wow Mama, now I finally have a hook for my coat!  My life is complete."

Or, maybe it just says, "I've been playing with potato heads"...


  1. Our big kids have lockers that we bought from Bismarck Public Schools after they remodeled some locker rooms. In theory, all of the big kid gear is to go into their lockers. But the little girls, oh the little girls! I need to put hooks in our closets. I hate hanging coats on hangers as well, so we've been known to just throw them all in a heap in the closet. This works until someone stops by and sees the closet. Then I blush.

  2. you've had a moment of jacket genius!


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