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Monday, February 4, 2013

If You're Wanting...

Now that we're smack-dab into the month of February, we may have some needs or wants that we feel we must have.  And, because I strive to help in any way I can, here's how you can get what you want:

1.  If you're wanting to have an entire swimming pool complex to yourself.
Take your family during the Super Bowl.  Guaranteed to allow your family the run and fun of a multi-million dollar complex.  We went to the Big City to celebrate Kiddo3's birthday (two weeks after the fact, but that was fitting as she had turned two) and stay in a hotel and have pizza delivered.  Did you know they brought pizza to you???  I hadn't seen such a thing since 1999.  I'm happy to report that all three kiddos have grown by leaps and bounds in their willingness and their swimming skills.

2.  If you're wanting to not sleep at all in a hotel.
Ask your kids, who all sleep alone, to all share a pull-out bed.  It did not go well.  AT ALL.  There was rolling into and onto siblings.  There was touching.  There was pillow stealing.  There was stuffed toys dropping off of the bed.  At midnight, all three of them were awake and asked to watch TV.  Fine, I figured they would get drowsy and fall asleep.  But the thing about your kids watching very little TV is that it captivates them.  Thirty minutes later they were all still awake.  I was nodding off, but they were awake.  Finally, at 2:30, I gave up and brought Kiddo3 into our king-sized bed.  Which defeated the whole purpose of getting a suite-style room!  {sigh}  I told him, "Next time we're just bringing their sleeping bags and leaving the couch as a couch!"  He gave me a look that said there probably won't be a next time.

3.  If you're wanting to clean your house.
Take a week off of your blog and focus your attention on getting your office/school room set up.  

This is my side.  You can tell by the organization.

This is Hubby's side.  We have some more work to do here.  And Grandma has some desks for the kiddos that will be over here.

4.  If you want to impress your kids.
 Take them to a hotel and then order pizza.  Kiddo2 was shocked that they brought pizza to our room.  I was as well when I was his age.  Ahhh, the simple life leads to simple memories.

That's what I've been wanting.  What are you wanting??


  1. Someone's magic wand waved over the disaster area that is called my home, transforming the chaos and dirt into a clean, calm organized haven of comfort - that would be nice!

    Hotels with kids...such fun. Even with just two kids, it doesn't get much better than your experience. Nor as they get bigger, just to warn you. When they're bigger, do what we did - tell them they have till our bedtime to figure it out, and then go and sit in the hall with a book and a tea and wait. You'll have to endure some stares in the hall, but otherwise this worked for us more than once. Ear plugs help.

    1. I was sitting on the toilet with my laptop!! The hallway would have been much more comfortable...
      Always good to know it's not just us!!
      On the flip side, we went out to eat for lunch (a huge treat for us). Kiddo1 is learning to hold the door for others and an elderly lady with a walker gave her a dollar for being so kind. Then we got three compliments on our well-behaved kiddos during lunch! It was a good day.


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