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Monday, January 7, 2013

Dreams Come True

Last night and today I am attending the ND Grazing Lands Coalition annual workshop and meeting.  Learning with these folks is a dream come true for me.

But yesterday afternoon, whilst I was in the BIG city, I hit my favorite kids re-sale store for a huge sale.  50% off and then I had a coupon for an additional 20% off my entire purchase.  Yes indeed!

Kiddo1 got three pants and three coordinating shirts.  Kiddo3 got a new shirt, two new pants and a new dress.  Kiddo2 got new, tags-still-on-them, John Deere lace-up cowboy boots.  I paid $8 for them.  They're $60 in the store.  The are a little big, but should fit this cowboy when his current boots become too small.

But the biggest score was a pair of bright pink cowgirl boots in Kiddo1's size.  They even have flowers on them.  I called her to tell her what I found.  She squealed and said, "Oh Mama, I have been dreaming about something like that!"

I know, sweet girl.  And mama got 'em for $5.50.  And she's been dreaming about that.

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