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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When It's Cold Outside

The past couple of weeks have given us here in the northern plains a taste of real winter.  No blizzards, but icy cold temps.  -10 degrees F (that's for my favorite Canadians!) was routine there for a few days as a HIGH temperature.  And while those of us natives are used to such winter weather, it still limits what activities the kiddos can do outside.  My rule for our little ones is:  If the ambient air temperature is zero or above, they will go out to play.  If it's colder, they may go outside with a parent to do chores.  But only if they ask.

So, what do three kiddos do who are used to going outside for at least a little bit each day?

We do some box yoga.

We learn to peel carrots while wearing our princess dress.

We help each other juice oranges for breakfast.
(Did you know a bag of oranges yields a quart and a half of juice and was MUCH cheaper than bottled OJ?)

We had meetings with our dolls.

And we played so hard with our cowboy that we fell asleep before supper.

What have you been doing when it's so cold out?

1 comment:

  1. Box yoga - lol. I think that would have to be a spectator sport for this ole body.

    I cannot IMAGINE how cold that is - though most of Canada can most certainly relate to it, here our coastal temperate zone has seldom if ever got down even as far 0F in my lifetime. Cold here would be about -12C (that's with windchill).


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