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Friday, February 15, 2013

When in winter...

 We're raising farm kids.  On the prairie.  In North Dakota.  We're tough.  A little snow doesn't bother us, it gets us excited!

My kids' favorite activity this past week is to take their sleds and go sledding down a little hill across from our house.

Dad helped them get started and showed them the ropes.

And then they were off!

And there were some tumbles!
(Yes, I know my youngest child was not wearing mittens.  The rule is if she takes her mittens off, she has to go inside.  She went inside with me after this ride.  She left them on the next day, however.)

Sledding really tires out the kiddos.  Kiddo3 fell asleep between the office and the kitchen!

What are you doing outside this winter??

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  1. how cute are these pictures! I love the one of Kiddo3 asleep between the office and the kitchen


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