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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life Is Like the Movies

As you know, we have a cowboy in our house.  And our cowboys's favorite cowboy is Cowboy Woody from Toy Story.  His favorite toy, hands down, is his stuffed Woody doll.  Woody does everything but go in the bathtub.

If you watched Toy Story 2, you know that Woody get his arm torn and is considered broken.

In a moment of rough play....

Woody's arm was torn!  The very same arm as in the movie.
There was crying and whimpering and begging Mama to fix him.

I got out my trusty needle and thread and started sewing.

Kiddo2 held Woody's hand and looked on in intense concentration.

And when it was over, my cowboy was VERY happy to have his cowboy back!

Who says life isn't like the movies???


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