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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We're Swimming!

You may recall that last weekend we took the kids for an overnight at a hotel in the big city.

Compared to our last swimming experience, the kids have dramatically increased their swimming skills!

Kiddo2 is normally afraid of anything but bath water.  Forget showers, he HATES them.  But he did so well in the pool, even swimming short distances ON HIS OWN between Hubby and me.

Kiddo3 does everything her big brother and sister do, so our challenge was making sure she didn't just dive into the deep end or the hot tub.

They played so well together in the kiddie pool.

Kiddo1 loved the water slide!  She's going down with Dad here, but soon learned she could go by herself.  (Dad was at the bottom of the slide to catch her.)

Kiddo3 had to have her turn!

All this swimming certainly wore them out.

Everybody was alseep, with their buddies, before we left town.

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  1. awww...they look so cute sleeping there. I remember being little and wearing myself out in the water -those were always the best sleeps!


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