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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

He's No Rhinestone Cowboy

As you may recall, we have a cowboy in our family.
A rough, tough cowboy.

A cowboy who potty trained pretty quickly when he was told that John Wayne and Matt Dillon didn't pee or poop in their underwear.  And neither did Gil Favor, Cowboy Sam, Shorty, Lomax, John Chisum or Mr. McClintock.

Our cowboy started doing a strange thing a few days ago.  He walked around the house holding a pair of jeans in front of him.  When we asked him "Ummm, what's up with the pants?"
He said, "They're my yudder cowboy jeans."


But it made playing and running kind of difficult.

Then Hubby was watching an episode of Rawhide with our cowboy.  As he saw Gil Favor wearing a large pair of chaps, it dawned on him that our cowboy was wanting to have chaps!
{light bulb moment here}

The call went out to grandma that chaps would be a great Christmas present.  She thought she had a Halloween costume pattern that had chaps.  

Until then, here's our cowboy with his chaps.


  1. Too cute! Gave me a nice smile this morning, thanks to you and that cowboy of yours...

    1. He gives up a nice smile every morning. Happy to share this one with you!!

  2. Replies
    1. His resourcefulness knows no bounds. He couldn't find his "cowboy gun" yesterday so he grabbed a dolphin puzzle piece to hold in his hand as his gun to watch out for bad animals.


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