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Monday, February 11, 2013

No Blizzard Here

I know I'm tempting fate here, but...well...I live in ND, tempting weather fate doesn't make much of a difference.

The northeast was hit with the storm "Nemo" that dumped 3 feet (give or take) of snow on populations who probably won't see that much snow again in their lifetime.  That's a normal winter here on the great plains.
{Aside:  Why have we started naming storms now?  When did we lose the magic of "The Winter of '63"?  Or the "Summer of '88"?  If Bryan Adams were to sing these days, would he really be singing about a winter storm named Nemo?  I dearly hope not...}

As we were driving to church this morning with our 4-5 inches of dusted snow,  (Yes, I said "inches".  That's all we've got as of today.) Hubby asked me what we would do with 3 feet of snow and where the snow drifts on the road.  I dialed back my memory to my high school years where we had feet and feet of snow.  We actually had to string electric fence on top of the corral posts to keep the cattle from walking over the top of the fences.  That's a LOT of snow!

During my sophomore year of college, Fargo set a snowfall record.  If there ever was a point in my life that I was sick of snow, that was it.  As a residence life employee, we had to shovel on the weekends as there were no maintenance staff scheduled.  And shovel we did!  I may have perfected my grain shoveling skills on the farm, but I became a snow-shoveling professional at college.

Just four years ago, my brother wrote a book and came home with his wife to do some book signings.  They had to stay in a hotel in Bismarck the first night because both I and my parents were snowed in at our respective farms until the next day.  We have a picture of my brother standing on the corner corral post and it looks just 6 inches high!

For all of you who were in the "dump zones", do some stretches, keep hydrated and relaxed as you shovel yourself out.  Stay safe and warm...it'll be our turn soon enough!!

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  1. We have a lot of snow...so much that it would just take a "joyful" leap for a sheep to be free. So far food is better then freedom for them. ~ I said the same thing,"When did we start naming storms?" Bruno, now Nemo..help. Lets just call it winter.

    ND Native ~ Jessica


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