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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Sin of Omission

Do you ever take things for granted?  In my post yesterday, I neglected a VERY important book.

You know that get-to-know-you question "If you could invite three people to dinner, who would they be?", this author is on the top of my list.  He's one of my favorite people in all the land.

Did you know that I have a manuscript of this book in a special drawer in my living room?  I do.  It's the only thing in that drawer and my children are forbidden to touch it.

My brother wrote this book.  My brother the author.  Who is also my brother the pastor, Duke Divinity School graduate, college football player, State FFA Officer, Duke Men's basketball season ticket holder, woodworker, fun uncle, and fabulous brother.

My dad often said, "You two are too alike to get along all the time.  But you're too much alike to stay mad at each other for very long."  And he was correct!

My brother and I have had a LOT of fun times together.  We've roadtripped to the east coast twice, gone to sporting events and concerts, done home improvement projects, worked lambs and calves.  You name, we've probably done it together.

He's pretty important to me.

And when he said, "Hey, I wrote a book.  Will you read it and let me know what you think?"  Well, I was honored.

And here is my completely biased, but truthful review:
I love this book.  I read it straight through the first time.  The scene is North Dakota so you can easily picture the setting and the town of Revelation.  Emmett McCall is a wonderfully layered character that you want to know more about.  The other characters are very charming and endearing, you know someone like each of them.  It's a Western mystery, but there's plenty of dialog and side stories to provide a lot of personality to the storyline.

The best part of this book?  It contains a study guide in the back for small group reading and study.  Our small group Bible study read it together and the discussions we had were great.  But it doesn't read like a Bible study book.  The essays and questions dig deeper into the characters and story and relate them both to your own life.

Bottom line?  I'd love this book EVEN IF my brother didn't write it.
And I'm proud as punch that he did.


  1. Hey Annie,
    Have you read Peace LIke a River by Leif Enger? Mary

    1. I have not...another one for my reading list! Thanks!


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