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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Kiddo1 is a bit of a boss-er.  She did something (I don't even remember what it was) that earned her a trip to sit in front of the dishwasher.  The most boring place in the house and the site of our "time-out" place.  (We don't call it that, we just say "Go sit in front of the dishwasher.")

As she was sitting there, she shouted instructions to her younger siblings and they came with a book and she told them to sit down.  Kiddo1 "read" the book and the other two looked on in rapt attention.  Which this Mama loved:  she was removed from whatever earned her the trip and she had the other two sitting and quiet!


  1. Talk about a win-win! That's one smart cookie ya got there;)

  2. Love it! It's what you really want at this age, some separation from whatever the issue or previous behaviour was. How great that it involved reading, and sharing (ok, bossing) with the younger ones.
    I once when my two were this age, stopped the car during some bickering and stepped out,shut the door, and leaned against it with my back to the car till they went quiet - which took a couple of minutes. I didn't say anything, before, during or after, just got back in and carried on driving. Neither did they, but they knew what happened all right, because we never had that issue again. That spot is still pointed out whenever we're on that road as the place where Mum had a time out! (and they're teens now :))


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