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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Skunks: Can't live with 'em!

There's a couple things we don't tolerate here on the farm and one of them is skunks.  

No siree!  Smell is just one of the reasons.  The others include:  rabies, they eat eggs and chickens, small children who might want to pet the black and white "kitty", you get the picture.

In the five years I've been here we've only had one skunk and that was three years ago.  This year we've had two!  They are most active in the spring as they are traveling to seek out a summer home.  

How do we know there's a skunk?  

Duke never barks, ever, unless there's a varmint in the yard.  Raccoons, skunks, coyotes, etc. are all on his radar and he sounds the alarm loudly.  So pretty much whenever Duke barks, Hubby grabs the shotgun.  Something has invaded and is posing a threat.

(Yes, that's my man in brown duck shoulder britches.  Stand back ladies, he's all mine!)

And Kiddo2 grabs a baseball bat.  He's the back-up...or so he thinks.  

Duke signals that the intruding skunk is under the garden shed.  About 200 feet from the house.  Which is WAY to close for comfort.  And it's the middle of the day.  That fact indicates possible rabies as skunks are nocturnal and if they aren't following their natural patterns...well, something is wrong.

Hubby and Duke took care of the skunk under my shed.  Kiddo2 watched with me and the girls from a safe distance away.  But he was poised to help if needed!

Kiddo3 might have wondered what all the fuss was about.

But when it comes to skunks on the farm, we don't take any chances.  Or prisoners.


  1. I don't like skunks on the farm either. One time, I had pulled into the garage and as I was coming around the front of the garage for the house, a skunk was coming around back of the garage. I beelined it to the house and told the kids to stay put. Hubby wasn't home so I called the neighbor and he came and shot it for us. And yes, it was daylight. So, yes, skunks on the farm is not good.


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