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Friday, May 18, 2012

Let's Play!

Kiddo1 has to make her bed in the morning.  We help her, but she can pull up her covers herself and does a good job.  And then she tucks in her soft toys with their own blanket and opens a book for them to read while she is gone.  (Sister and Trixie alternate with who gets to come play and who has to stay in bed and take a nap.)

Then the hard core playing starts.  Kiddo2 is a big, BIG fan of cowboys so that is a popular playtime.  They each pick a cowboy to be (I am often assigned the role of "Cowboy Mommy".)  The each have a stick horse and they usually run through the house at least once a day to "move the cows".

One of their favorite toys is actually MY dad's from when he was a boy.  This truck has seen a lot of imaginative play!!

On this day, the cowboy in the cab was hunting for coyotes and all the other horses and cowboys came along to ride in the back.

Do you have a family-favorite toy??

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  1. We're long past those days now (they're in their teens, and iPods would be the toy du jour), but when they were the age of your kiddoes, I think it was probably the dress up box - a big rubbermaid tote that lived (still does) under the stairs, full of bits of uniform, old hats, old dresses of my Mum's, etc. The best was a beautiful sari in turquoise with silver woven through it - it seemed a crime to crunch up 10 ft of lovely fabric in that tote, but the person who gave it to us thought it was the perfect use - what was the point of keeping it safe in a drawer, she pointed out. It was the ocean, it was a royal coach (you could pull people along if they sat on it), it was a bridal train, it was prison chains (not girly girls these)...


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