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Monday, May 14, 2012

I don't do cute

Kiddo1 had a birthday recently.  I've heard of moms who have theme birthdays for their kids with coordinating food, decorations, favors, clothes, what-have-you.  I am not one of those people.

I don't have birthday parties for my kids so that they can have fun.  I have birthday parties for my kids so that our friends (who just happen to have some really nice kids) can get together and visit.

I've tried to do cute food, but it never turns out as cute as the picture.  See the Great Deranged Easter Bunny Fiasco of 2010 HERE

Perhaps the fact that they ended up like this has jaded me a bit in the area of "cute" food.

I leave the birthday cakes to one very talented and creative Grandma who made me a piano cake for my birthday.  Kiddo1 requested a Hello Kitty cake.
I wish I could do that.  My version would probably look like the Michelin man....

I did attempt one "cute" food for her party, CHICKS!  It's just deviled eggs cut the other way with black olive eyes and a carrot nose.  If you close one eye and turn your head to the side, they might possibly be chicks.  But Kiddo1 helped and thought they were great.
(Note the dark yellow color.  That's all natural, no mustard to make that hue.  Just good old pastured egg yolks!)


  1. Love the hello kitty cake...I cannot do that sort of thing to save my soul. I would never have thought of cutting the eggs the other way like that - they turned out really well! My younger daughter recently made a cake for her older sister's birthday - it was to be a confetti cake. I was out mowing (she's 14, perfectly capable in the kitchen), and came in an hour later - to see the two layers going into the oven, looking oddly blue. Turns out the only sprinkles were Christmas ones, and they made the white cake look funny, so her Dad (thanks Dad) suggested changing the colour of the cake to mask them - hence blue food colouring being added. The cake, made from scratch with our own pastured eggs, was wonderful - light, delicious, all a cake should be - but the colour? Well,kind people said it was teal or maybe aquamarine, but everyone remarked when she wasn't around that it did look just the same colour as bread mold :). Elder daughter, the recipient of the cake was a hero, and praise the cake sky high, bless her.

    1. Awwww, that's a great story Dawn! It's the "mistakes" that are the memories. I once lit a pie on fire, true story!


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