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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tiny Buns

I make bread for our family at least once a week, sometimes it's in the form of loaves and other times buns.  This day I made buns.  Kiddo1 always likes to help make buns and usually makes her own and puts them on the pan with mine.  (And, yes, you can tell the difference, but they are just as tasty!)

But this day, she asked for the rolling pin.  I told her she could get it out of the bottom drawer.  Along with the pin, she found a metal cake decorating tip.  She rolled out her piece of dough and then cut out tiny little buns with the big end of the tip.

I gave her no advice or help.  She did this all on her own!

We ate them that evening for supper with Cheddar Chicken Soup and they were great!

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