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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And the work goes on

I lie to myself every spring.

I say, "I won't have so much housework because we'll be outside so much."  Which, is true, in part.  The kids haven't touched their inside toys in at least a week, even on the rain day.

But when we do come inside, we usually bring "stuff" with us.  Stuff that requires sweeping up.

Little One loves to run the broom, even though it's twice her size.  I have another that has an adjustable handle that I ratchet down to its lowest setting and she's as happy as a gopher in soft dirt, almost literally.

In other farm news, planting of the gardens continues.  I recruited Hubby and Cowboy (minus his trusty hat) to help plant onions.  
 Planting onions is a GREAT way to get kids started in the garden.  They are big, there's a definite up and down and they can see the result of their work right away.  I started my niece and nephew with onions and now my own kids.  
These onions happen to be a variety called "Big Daddy" that is excellent for storage.  I'm hoping to keep a lot of these 1500 onions for use all winter long!

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