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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I cleaned my freezer

I cleaned my freezer this morning.  The one above my fridge.  THAT one.  The one where I throw every little thing, just "pop it in the freezer".

Do you know how many little things you can pack into a freezer?  A LOT.

My goodness do I squirrel away little packets of stuff.

I didn't take a picture because we have to be family friendly here, naked pictures of chickens is OK, pictures of my freezer contents would require some black boxes.

Here is a list (as near as I can recall, I may have repressed some of the more gruesome images):

  • 3 packages of northerns from this winter
  • 3 packages of northerns from last winter (You may be asking, "How did you tell?" Freezer burn, my friends, freezer burn.  The chickens will be enjoying last year's catch.)
  • A cool whip container (which I thought was weird seeing as how I don't buy cool-whip, but when I opened it...it was mashed potatoes.  Why would I freeze mashed potatoes?  A better question is "What was wrong with me that there were mashed potatoes left over??"
  • Blueberries
  • Rhubarb
  • Frozen veggies
  • Breast milk (Yes, you read that right, breast milk.  Having had not one but two daughters who had latching issues I have frozen many a container of breast milk.  But it's only good for 3 months in that type of freezer so out it went.)
  • Three frozen bananas (If bananas go south on me I just throw them in the freezer and then make a big batch of banana something at once.  The kicker here is I didn't even know I had bananas in the freezer.)
  • Lemons (At least I'm telling myself they were lemons.  They were lemon shaped and I think they once contained lemon juice but I can't confirm that.)
  • A three year old package of Phyllo dough.  I'm sure I needed it for a recipe, but if I haven't used Phyllo dough in three years, there's a good chance it wasn't a good one.
  • Random cubes of freeze dried baby food (I make my own baby food and freeze it in ice cube trays, one cube = one ounce.  Apparently, a few cubes got lost in the bowels of my freezer and their they were preserved in a dehydrated state.  Cryogenics!)
  • A plastic pail of popcorn from my nephew the Boy Scout.  (You've all bought them.  I did and thought we had at least a half a pail.  Nope.  Someone, I won't name any names but it does rhyme with 'Bubby', has been eating popcorn on the sly because there were literally 15 kernals left in the pail.  Now, I don't care that he eats popcorn but we were storing an entire pail in the freezer for 15 kernals!!!  I could have thrown in some breastmilk or a weird banana in that space!)
  • Cheese (There's always room for cheese!)
  • Yeast (I buy it in 2 pound bags and it keeps well in the freezer.)
  • Steaks and porkchops (I was wondering where those disappeared to.)
  • Not one, but two containers of soup stock.  (Did I have to store that upstairs?  Why, oh why didn't I take that to the basement?)
Moral of the story:  We are having blueberry ice cream this Friday, banana bread on Saturday, cheese everyday and soup, steaks and porkchops sometime this week.  Don't worry, no breastmilk was served in the cleaning of this freezer....


  1. Yikes!! Cleaning out the fridge n freezer can be exciting and intimidating, you never know what creatures will manifest from the blackness!!

    1. Isn't that the truth??!! But now, when I open that door, what streamlined beauty awaits me! :)


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