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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Big Debate

According to my friends on Facebook, there was a debate last night.  Someone wore a red tie and someone wore a blue tie.  There were mixed reviews as to who actually won.  However, THAT debate had nothing on the debate that was going on in my kitchen!

One of the candidates was taking things that didn't belong to her.

And she got caught in a rebuttal when the butter dropped out of her mouth.

But she looked right into the camera with those big blue eyes and she just needed another 20 months to right all the wrongs done by her predecessors.  

The debate continued over who would stir the caramel and who would spread the butter and brown sugar.  But they reached across the aisle of their chairs and agreed to each take a job.

There was some slashing and cutting.  Not budgets, just dough.

And in the end we cleaned up our mess, put on our jammies, snuggled on the couch to read "Little Town On The Prairie" and prayed together.

Caramel rolls for breakfast is a great way to work together and a lovely way to start the day.
Should we send some to Washington??

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