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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Kiddos

The Kiddos have been very busy playing this fall!

Yes, that is an egg basket on her head.  Her job this fall has been to gather the eggs every evening.  She gets a sticker for that and for any other time she helps with another big job.  She's working toward a princess dress (this is NOT encouraged by her mother) and when her chart is full she can pick one out.  She says when she grows up she's going to be a princess and a teacher.

Somedays he's John Wayne, somedays he's Matt Dillon, somedays he's Gil Favor...but he's always a cowboy.  The other day he woke up and said in his oh-so-sleepy voice, "Mama, today...today is going to be a cowboy day."  Just like every other day for that boy.

And this one.  Oh my, this one.  Hubby and I agree that our house would be pretty quiet without this one.  She is just MORE.  More loud, more destructive, more messy, more sweet, more laughter, more happiness....MORE!  She lives life at full speed.  I said just this morning that she only sits down for 10 minutes a day, the five minutes before she takes a nap and goes to bed.

These three have been doing some awfully hard playing.  We've got bumps and scrapes and bruises to prove it!  But we also have laughter and giggles, and "guess what Mama??".

And we have frogs...

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