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Friday, October 12, 2012


Tomorrow's the day, folks!  The day most of my parents earthly possessions are sold.  (I've been at THE FARM all week preparing and I'll share the wrap-up next week.)  But just know that this day is both joyful and tearful.
I have spent 13 months of my life to get to this point.
13 months of sweat, tears, joy and pain so sharp I almost couldn't breathe.
13 months of talking to my family, planning, shipping, setting aside.
13 months of trying to be in two places at once, dealing with two families at once.
13 months of Hubby single-parenting at least one of our kiddos while I had at least one of our kiddos at THE FARM.

If you'd like to come to the sale (and believe me, we have something for everyone...probably three somethings for everyone) here are the details:

11:00AM Saturday, October 13th
Mercer Rec Center in Mercer, ND - I'd give you the address but there isn't one.  Just drive the three streets of Mercer until you see it.

The ladies from the church where I grew up are serving lunch.  After 22 years of eating their food, I can GUARANTEE you it will be delicious.  And if LeeAnn made her ham salad, you'll have to fight me for the last sandwich.

I and Hubby will be there and would love to shake your hand and hug your neck, because that's just what we do in Mercer, ND.

I'm sure I'll laugh and I'm sure I'll cry.  Probably at the same time...


  1. Prayers for you at this time. You will get through it and may you be glad when it is all over.

  2. I wish I could be there! Good luck with the sale! Eat a sandwich for me. :) Anna

  3. Just now catching up on your posts....glad the auction is over for you! Wondering about that special ham salad....one of my favorites!


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