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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Calling Your Children Names

This is my baby.  When she was born her brother couldn't say her name.  He called her "Elnote".  Which Hubby and I responded, "Well, that's Spanish for 'The Note'"!
And from then on she's been The Note, or Notey.  Sometimes LoveNote or QuarterNote.

Our other two children have had nicknames, but none that have been as well-used or as long-lasting as The Note.

This week I dedicated a whole day to bread baking to fill my freezer with some loaves and buns.
A quadruple batch yielded 24 buns and 7 loaves of bread.

My kids got up from their nap and when my back was turned... 
...buns were snitched...

...and holes were poked in loaves.

I banished them to the great outdoors and may or may not have referred to them as "BUN-STEALING-LOAF-POKERS".

I wonder if that will catch on like The Note...


  1. That made me laugh - and I needed it today! :) We call Mackenzie Mae, Mae-Mae alot. I'm guessing that one will stick for life. Or we call them Peanut Butter and Jelly and they argue over who is PB and who is Jelly. And of course mom and dad are the two pieces of bread.

    The missing buns and poked holes in the loaves is awesome... :) Anna

    1. And they always have to poke the NICE ones!!
      Love the PB & J! We'd have to have a peanut, a butter and a jelly...


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