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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to Get Kids to Work

A question I'm often asked is "How do you get your kids to work?"  Granted, I've only been a mother for a little over 4 years now, but I do have some pretty good helpers.  They are joyful and willing, even if not entirely competent.

First, explain what you are going to do.  Hubby is great at this.  He is very patient and very thorough.  (And even though these qualities sometimes irritate his just-get-it-done wife, they are great in a father-of-young-helpers.)

Second, we do the work with them.  And we talk about working together as a family, how important it is, how fun it is, and how necessary it is for our farm to function.

The kids know they are doing an important work.  These jobs are not punishment for wrong-doing, they are necessary to our existence.  
{Sidenote:  We do not use chores as a punishment in our house.}

And with this model, even the littlest one WANTS to help with chores.

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