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Friday, March 16, 2012

Just another way that I'm a lunatic

My travel companions (all 25 of them) were exposed to another area in which I am a lunatic:  my beverage choices.

First, and probably the most disturbing, I don't drink coffee.  Never have.  Don't like the taste.  Don't need the caffeine.  My mother couldn't believe that I called myself a real teacher and didn't drink coffee.

Second, I don't drink alcohol.  I have and never really got into it.  Don't like the taste.  Don't like the price.  Don't like what it does to those who drink too much.  I didn't have my first drink until 6 months AFTER my 21st birthday:  champagne because my best friend was accepted into a prestigious study abroad program.  I've never had more than 2 drinks on any occasion.  When Hubby was Manfriend, he bought a bottle of wine.  I had one glass and was sound asleep.  Some people are "happy drunks" or "mean drunks"...I guess I'd be a "sleepy drunk".

And third, I (as of about a month ago) no longer drink pop.  Since we've been married, I don't keep it in the house (with the exception of the occasional "mexican" Coke that Hubby enjoys - cane sugar instead of HFCS and it's in a glass bottle).  I was only drinking it on "the outside", i.e. traveling, at the office, etc.  So, I decided that that was just silly and I didn't need it and that was that.

Who knew these beverage choices would make me such a pariah?  I don't preach my choices.  If you ask, I'll tell you why.  But am I horribly offended if you have a cup of coffee, a Coke or a beer in my presence?  Not at all.  Enjoy yourself!

What was the most interesting was people's responses after I gave my ice water drink order.  "Oh...well, I'm sorry I ordered a beer.  I'm not a big drinker."  It's fine, really.  I'm not imposing my choices on you.  Part of me really wanted to say, "Oh?  You didn't order ice water?  I'm sorry, I'm really not a big hydrator."  But then I'd probably say hydrant instead of hydrator and the moment would be lost....

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