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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What do they do all day?

I may have mentioned that our kids don't go to daycare.  I only work part-time and Hubby is full-time on the farm so the kids stay home with us with the occasional visit to Grandma's just 8.5 miles away.  Strangely enough, I am often asked what our kids do all day.

Ummmm, well, they play and learn and play and eat and play and read and play and nap...oh, and they play.

Here's just a few snapshots of life during the winter, here on the farm:

Kiddo1 loves to watercolor paint!  She does a pretty good job and likes to send things to her grandmas.
 Watercolor is just a bit much for Kiddo2, the whole water-paint-paper concept is a couple steps too many.  He prefers the bingo dobber and does a mighty fine job of it.
 One of the best things I have ever scored on eBay is this wooden track train set.  Hours and hours of endless fun setting up this track...and the kids like it as well!  Hubby enjoys the setting up, must be his mechanical mind!
 We read a lot of books.  Kiddo2 is reading his favorite "Cowboy Sam" books.  He doesn't read, he has the stories memorized.  It's quite entertaining to hear his version.  Notice that Cowboy Sam books must be read with hat and pistol at the ready!
 Hubby sets a good example for reading!
 Kiddo1 repairing a box.  She with the tucking problem, probably tucked one too many things into this box.
 This is Kiddo3's version of peek-a-boo.  She stands flatfooted and puts her head on the floor.  Now that's a yoga pose!!
 More trains.
 Look!  SNOW!  We took advantage of our one snow day to play.
 Dad helped them to dig a tunnel.
 And they played and played and played.
 Then we got out the tractors to move some bales.  We also wear our cowboy hats, ride our stick horses and move the cows on a daily basis.  Usually in the morning.  Kiddo2 yells "Head 'em up!"  Hubby or I yell "Move 'em out" and Kiddo1 yells "Vaminos!"  (Apparently, Dora the Explorer is on this cattle drive.)
 Kiddo3 loves the books her aunt sent her for her birthday.  Thanks Auntie Colleen!!
 And we do silly things like wear boxes like peg-legs!
 And we sleep just like the cowboys do:  pistol at the ready, a good book and our stuffed bunny.
 And when we wake up, we're ready for action!
 I don't dress this child.  I take no responsibility for the last year's Easter dress, tights and Dora crocs...
Lots of fun with our buddies.
 And Kiddo3 wants to make sure that if Mom leaves again on a trip, she is going along in the suitcase!

And that is just a little snippet of what our kids do all day.

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