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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hemming and hawing

I'm leaving again tomorrow.  For our nation's capitol.  For 6 days of meetings, meetings, and more meetings.  Which require business clothes, lots of business clothes.

I have a favorite pair of black pants that are long for me.  So to compensate, I wear heels with them.  But as we are doing a lot of walking (and did I mention the meetings?), I'm not taking heels to preserve whatever little foot my plantar fasciitis leaves me with.  Bottom line?  My pants are too long for the shoes I'm wearing.

As I've told you before, I'm a quilter.  My sister and I have an on-going debate about which is more difficult.  I think clothing construction is very difficult, she thinks it's easy.  She thinks quilting is very difficult and I think a trained monkey can sew a straight line and quilting is just a series of straight lines.  Bottom line?  I don't like mending.

I once saw a sign in a quilt shop that said, "Asking a quilter to mend is like asking a chef to do the dishes."  Truer words were never spoken.  I can embroider or cross stitch all day, but ask me to sew a wayward button back on?  Ummmm, well, maybe, can you lay it over there?

Hubby has actually given up and just asks his mom to mend his stuff.

Back to my pants.  I had to hem them.  To illustrate my phobia of clothing alterations, I considered just safety pinning them up.  But I do have this fancy blind stitch foot attachment for my sewing machine and all.  So I bit the bullet and did it.  Three times.  (I should admit now that my pants do only have two legs.) Did you know that you shouldn't start with an inch of hem and end the circle of your leg with three inches?  Apparently it makes quite the wrinkle at the bottom.  Very visible and pretty much screamed "I DID THIS MYSELF WITH MY EYES CLOSED!"  Perhaps that isn't the best way to be remembered at all the meetings...

I'm hoping that after a week of walking around Washington DC in these pants that there isn't a profile on the Sunday capitol-esque shows spotlighting poorly hemmed pants invading the city (and going to a lot of meetings).

Bottom line?  As Uncle Joel says, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing poorly first!"  And those pants are hemmed poorly....

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  1. LOL...I can hem, but can't quilt. I'm lazy though, and I'm here to tell you - Stitch Witch is the answer for people like you and me - you iron it on. Won't last forever, but good for a week of meetings.


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