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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A tale of two bunnies

It was the best of rabbits, it was the worst of rabbits...

Two years ago, I took Kiddo2 to Tennessee to visit my family there.  Mainly because he could fly for free and I'm all about the free.  While we were there, my mom and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby where I found a very soft, light pink chenille bunny for Kiddo1.  

"Trixie" as she came to be known, is Kiddo1's constant companion.  And by constant, I do mean CONSTANT.  We don't do anything without Trixie.

Trixie is learning to play the piano.

She sleeps with Kiddo1 every night.  (The insides of Trixie's ears are very soft and Kiddo1 likes to rub them on her cheek as she falls asleep.)

But over time, Trixie has started to fade.  It could have something to do with the fact that she's spent so much time outside falling into things like a pan of oil.  That was not her finest hour.  But it was a fine hour for mama's stain fighting skills and a bit of chemistry.

Kiddo2 has his own bunny, BunBun.  
(Does anyone find it highly ironic that a woman who gardens for a living has children whose constant companions are rabbits??  Just checking...)

Trixie dresses up in pajamas and swimsuits.

She is a well-loved rabbit.

And well-fed!  She always wants to taste what we're cooking in the kitchen.

We have been told often that "Trixie is growing up." in regard to various life skills that Kiddo1 thinks are important.  Trixie doesn't need a nap.  Trixie can wear clothes.  And more recently, Trixie has to use the toilet.

Since the arrival of Trixie and her immediate status as CONSTANT companion, I've been on the look-out for another Trixie.  For two years I have searched high and low (and by high and low, I mean Hobby Lobby and eBay).  No Trixies to be found.  

Until last week...

The whole family went into Hobby Lobby because mama needed a yarn fix.  As we were cruising the Easter aisle, Kiddo1 screams out "TRIXIE!!!!"  Sure enough, there was not just one, or two, but THREE Trixie's, all different colors.  After a quick consultation with Hubby, huddled behind the display, as to whether we should purchase another Trixie, we agreed that Kiddo1 could choose another rabbit.

She chose the purple version.  (And her mama rejoiced in the darker color.)  Kiddo1 was very proud that Trixie now had a sister just like she did and decided to name her "Sister".  


  1. They are cute bunnies (and kids). So, Kiddo 3 has no bunny, whatsoever, to play with? Kiddo 1's smile and hugging of her bunnies leads me to believe she won't be sharing hers. Maybe you should have picked up a spare so you won't have to spend another 2 years looking high and low for one. lol

  2. Kiddo3 has 3 bunnies!! Our friends knew that Trixie and BunBun were THEY stuffed two for the older two and provided bunnies for her as well.


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