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Monday, March 26, 2012


No, that isn't my new nickname for Hubby (good grief, Manfriend was bad enough).

Instead, it's the latest breakfast rage in our house.

It all started innocently enough with the nightly ritual of reading aloud to my kiddos.  

We are now on to Little House on the Prairie, but in "The Big Woods and the Little House" (as Kiddo1 refers to it) Ma makes man-shaped pancakes.  My kiddos recognized that right off as something THEIR mother should do.  

Obviously, these children do not know about my artistic disability...

But how can a mother say she won't even try when there are cherubic faces saying "Please, mama, please?"

First, start with your pancake batter.  I use my homemade mix found HERE.
It should be a little on the thin side for easy mancake making.
The only tool required is a teaspoon.

Now, I'm fully aware that there are fancy-smancy pancake batter squirters on the market.  However, until my lack of pancake artistry is an issue, I'll be using my trusty teaspoon.  (Which means that when the kiddos are 5, 4, and 3...I'm sure the jig will be up.)

1 teaspoonful forms the head.

Another the body.

One more for the arms and legs.  Yes, those are drips.  They make tiny pancakes that my kiddos also love to have.  Score one for sloppiness!!

Three mancakes for three kiddos.

Kiddo1 got a pancake flipper for her birthday last year and we don't make pancakes or mancakes without it.

Well, there they are!  Three mancakes for my three kiddos, just like Ma Ingalls.

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  1. LOVE Little House on the Prairie...And your mancakes are adorable!! ;)


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