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Thursday, September 20, 2012

When you buy a mom a laminator...

When you buy a mom a laminator,

She'll use it often.

Because that mom finds some pre-school curriculum ideas,  

Her teacher-brain kicks in and she starts to develop a plan.

And this plan consists of continuing to keep her children at home, where they've always been.

To learn together, just like they always have.

And then she'll get a letter saying that for $20 per day, her daughter could go to pre-school.

And then she'll turn to Hubby and say, "Do you know what I could do with $20 a day for pre-school?"

So that mom continues to read a lot to her kids, makes copies and learning games...and does lots of laminating.

And this former high school teacher is getting pretty excited about starting pre-school.


  1. have you laminated some dried fall leaves yet? So pretty! I go crazy with those things...

    1. No! We haven't. But now we will!! Thanks for the encouragement!


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