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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Tidbit - It's tomato season!

It's tomato season!  These 50+ pounds I cooked down for just a simple sauce.  I'll use that sauce later this winter for my once-a-month meals and for canning homemade pork and beans.

Of course, no food preparation is done independently of small children.

Kiddo3 ran the crank for a while and then just watched the juice run out in complete fascination.  
(Kinda like her mom the first time I used a Victorio Food Mill!)


  1. Kiddo3 makes me happy. :-) I would just like to request the rest of your process! :-)

    1. I will do it this weekend. We are going to glean some friends' tomato FIELD tonight (date night with Hubby) so I'll have literally PILES of tomatoes to process.

    2. Yay! Thanks!! Can't wait! A tomato field sounds amazingly dreamy . . . :-)


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