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Thursday, September 6, 2012

My other most embarrassing moment

This embarrassing moment also has to do with basketball.

I grew up on a diversified farm.  We raised sheep.  A lot of sheep.  And, as on all farms, sometimes sheep die.  And we would have to take them out of the yard to a distant location.

Before school started, we had two-a-days.  Which means that we had practice from 8-noon and from 4-8pm.  If you think that's a lot, you would be correct.  I basically came home from practice and collapsed until 3:30 when I drove back in for practice.

On this particular day, I had to do chores when I got home from morning practice and found that one of our ewes had died.

And she wasn't just dead, she was DEAD!  Legs sticking straight up in the air, tongue hanging out one side of her mouth, eyes bulging...DEAD.  My brother helped me load her in the back of the pickup on the tailgate.  I went inside and told dad that he needed to take her out.  And I went to bed for a nap.

My alarm clock went off and I hit snooze.  Twice.

Then I realized I was going to be late for practice.  I threw on my practice clothes, grabbed my shoes and raced out the door.  The pickup was the only vehicle in the yard so I jumped in and headed into town.

My parking spot was right in front of the gym door.  Right where all the girls basketball players and the football players would walk on their way into practice.

I screeched into the parking lot, grabbed my shoes and ran into practice.  A teammate arrived later than I did.  She was white as a sheet, "Annnnnniiieeeee?  Did you know you have a dead sheeeeeeppppppp in the back of your piiiiicckkkkuppppp?"

Oh. My. Goodness.  Yes, I did.  I took a dead sheep to basketball practice.

I ran out and tried to hide her under some empty feed sacks.  But it just looked like a dead sheep under some paper feed sacks.

That spring at the athletic banquet, the football coach got up and said, "Tonight's menu is roast beef.  We wanted to have lamb, but Annie didn't bring enough."

This story lives on in my hometown, and neighboring towns.  When I was working as a corporate trainer, I was training a new hire class.  One of our new employees had married a man from a neighboring town.  One day we were sharing our embarrassing stories and I told this one.  The new employee gasped, "That was YOU??  I heard that story at the bar when we were dating!!"

I guess that's one way to be famous...

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