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Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter skirts

I love to sew.  I love fabric.  I love shopping for fabric.  Ooohhhh, how I love shopping for fabric.  Especially when I have a super cute project like Easter skirts for my girls.

I chronicled the pattern saga HERE

The new JoAnn's store just opened in Bismarck and I happened to be in town for a meeting and thought I'll check it out and get the fabric and such there.  I hadn't shopped JoAnn's for a quite some time and I soon remembered why:  They don't stock their fabric by collection.  They stock it by color.  Which some people may prefer.  I do not.  I want all the coordinating fabrics together.

{In case you don't know how fabric production works:  A designer will produce a "line" of fabrics with a them of color, pattern, tone, etc.  The fabrics are designed to work together to achieve a look.}

Alas, time and again I would find two fabrics that were in a line, but could never find a third to go with them.  Now, had the fabrics been arranged by collection, there would be 6-12 fabrics that all coordinate.  Grrr....

I just about left when I decided to cruise the baby fabric aisle.  Where, for some rational reason, those fabrics were in collections.  {insert applause here}  And I just happened to find some super cute coordinating lady bugs, flowers and polka dots.  All things Kiddo1 had said she would want on her skirt!!

In an afternoon and with help from Kiddo1, I whipped up these super cute skirts for the girls.

 Kiddo1's on the left has a pre-pleated ruffle, but I didn't have enough to do Kiddo3's on the right.  Thankfully, at age 1 she doesn't notice those things yet!!

 Kiddo1 was just a little excited to have a new twirly skirt.

As life would have it, I didn't get a picture of the girls in their new skirts on Easter.  But I'm sure we'll be wearing them again soon!

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