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Friday, April 27, 2012

Chickens and the Post Office

It's a bustling morning on the farm, getting breakfast on the table, kiddos into their clothes.  The phone rings at 7:30AM.  It's the post office saying "Your chicks have arrived!"

We share the news with the kiddos.  Their excitement is palpable, they love to go get chicks.

At 9:30 the moment arrives.  The postal patrons who have come before you to get their mail can hear your packages in the back, peeping away.

A friend from church stoops to tell our kids, "I know what you've come to pick up!"  The two older kids shout "CHICKS!"  He laughs.

136 pullet chicks arrived at our local post office (we only ordered 125, but they sent us quite a few extra!).  

We didn't open the boxes just because the kids were excited.  We have to have the post mistress certify any death loss that occurred before we took possession.  We didn't lose a one!

Kiddo1 is in her third year of chick handling and is an old hand.  She knows how to pick them up and care for them.  Kiddo3 was in awe!  She was only 3 months old last year so this is her first official year with chicks.  She squealed and laughed.

 Here are the pullet chicks in their new home with the turkey poults.  We have three breeds this year of pullets:  Silver Laced Wyandottes, Plymouth Barred Rocks and Ameracaunas 

We'll have more pictures as they start to feather out!

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