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Thursday, April 26, 2012

What a Difference the Pasture Makes

Our hens have been on pasture for a few weeks now and their eggs show it!

See that dark orange color?  That is packed with nutrition!  Industrial egg producers feed their caged and even cage-free hens marigold blossoms to try and mimic this color.  There are commercials on TV not only admitting this fact, but saying it's a positive thing!  Marigold blossoms do not add nutrition, only color.  And it isn't this bright orange color, it's more of a brown.  

See how that yolk stands up on the white?  (the shadow)  That's what Uncle Joel refers to as "muscle tone" in an egg.  One customer emailed us and told us for the first time she separated eggs with her fingers!  She could never do it before because the yolk would break and the white was too runny.

 This, my friends, is some powerful food!

Here's our breakfast this morning, scrambled eggs.  Not the white scrambled eggs you're used to from industrial eggs, but bright yellow.  Like you'd find only in your crayon box or your skillet if you eat pastured eggs!

Anybody have other egg comments or questions??  "Lay" it on me....
(I couldn't resist, sorry.)


  1. Our eggs are orange too!! Ella pounded through her first one yesterday. I didn't even want to cook it, it was so pretty, but she insisted. :)

    1. Kiddo3 routinely polishes off three eggs for breakfast! In fact, I scrambled 18 of them for our breakfast yesterday and we ate them all.


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