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Monday, April 30, 2012

Rainy days

Rainy days have always been sweet for me.  Growing up on our farm, if I woke up to the rain I knew I could snuggle down under my quilts and get a bit more sleep.  Sure, we still had to do chores in it, but after that, we could relax and enjoy a day off.

This past week we had two rain days and they were glorious!  Not driving wind and rain, but gentle.  Nourishing.  For the soil, the seeds and the farmers.

We have entered our busy season:  hens on pasture, garden to put in, chicks and poults in the brooder, a calf and perhaps milking goat coming in the next two weeks and after that 10 pigs.  Oh, and we're dealing on some sheep.  So, yes, it is our busy season.  We've rested and read and planned all winter long for this time and we're ready to go.

But when God decides to give us a day (or two) off from outside labor, we take it.  Hubby continued reading his "Dirt Hogs" book, I did some much needed deep house cleaning and sorting.  Hubby worked on rebuilding his transmission (he's a genius that way) and we dreamt some more about our farm.

As the rain nourishes and builds the soil and plants, so it nourishes and builds the farmers.

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