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Monday, April 23, 2012

An almost perfect day

It was a busy day here on the farm.  Hubby and I got up at 6am to crank out a double batch of noodles before I left for a workshop in Bismarck.  Literally, we really did "crank" them out.  The Kiddos got up and asked "Are we having noodles for breakfast?"  Nope, just gotta get them done today.  Make noodles while the sun's rising...

Then I left for Bismarck to deliver eggs to an adorable little girl, Miss Ella and her fabulous mom.  Got in a little farmer chat before the big Agri-tourism workshop.  YES!

Before the workshop started, I met a blog/facebook friend who I know very well but had never met in person before...thank you social media!

I spent the whole day listening to different agri-tourism operations, ideas, requirements, suggestions.  My little red notebook was smoking from all the notes I took!  And my mind was spinning about all the possibilities for our farm.  The one thing we've noticed is that people want to see what we're doing.  They want to see how we're doing it.  And we want to show them!  No "Keep Out" signs here.  No "Disease Control Areas" here.  We want people to come, see and do.

Today I learned how we might be able to do that.  I'm so excited about the possibilities I could just burst.  Of course, Voice of Reason (aka Hubby), calmly listens to my wild raving and then suggests that I choose one thing to start with.  And, as he would say, "That's how we complement each other."

After the workshop, I met another blog friend.  She doesn't know we're blog friends.   Poor girl just found this out when I ran up to her and blathered, "Hi Jessie, I'm a stalker on your blog.  How's your house project?  Love the pug but don't want him."  She's as funny and enthusiastic in person as she is in her blog  at Meanwhile Back At the Ranch

I went to Hobby Lobby and only bought three things, a new personal record.  I didn't even go to the yarn section.  I must be ill.

When I got home, my Hubby and Kiddos had been in town and bought giant rubber balls (like bigger than Kiddo3 giant rubber balls).  That is a sure sign that children have been in town with just their father.  Because no mother would buy not one, not two, but THREE GIANT RUBBER BALLS.  But that's why we have fathers who take three kids to town by himself, so my Kiddos can get such toys that bring them such joy.

I put on my "play clothes" as the kiddos call them, and flopped down on the grass and played cowboys with Kiddo2, ball with the girls and shared all my excitement with Hubby.  We walked as a family out to the hens to gather the evening eggs.

It was a pretty perfect day!!!

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  1. Annie, it was fantastic to meet you in REAL LIFE and I only wish we actually had time to sit down for two hours over coffee. I hope we can do that soon. I felt the same as you yesterday at the conference. I went home bubbling with ideas, called local friends on the way home to get them on board and didn't even approach my husband yet. That's next. Thanks again for attending and I can wait to see what you do on the prairie. You rock!


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