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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little One

We have three children.  They are a lot alike and also very different.  One thing Hubby and I have noticed with Kiddo3 is that her milestones kind of sneak up on us.  With our first child, we eagerly watched and waited and cheered on the "almosts".  But with the third, she catches us by surprise, "Oh my goodness, did you know she could climb up on the table??"

She's always caught us by surprise, the best surprises! 

Kiddo3 was the happiest baby of the three.  Only cried when she was hungry or poopy.  Made life pretty easy on her Mama.

See?  Even when tortured with stickers, still a smile on her face.

Her big blue eyes and curly red hair usually catch your eye first.  But then her sweetness takes over.

Even when things aren't going her way, she doesn't stay upset for long.

Hubby has already identified that she has a pretty unique sense of humor.  This is how she plays peek-a-boo.  Always has, probably always will.

And then there are times when she gets herself into positions like this and we, her parents, wonder "Really??!!  How??"

Then she sees us and offers a friendly wave.

She loves to play with her brother and sister.  Sometimes she doesn't know that she has a starring role in their latest game.  One day we had told the kids about a cousin shooting a coyote and how coyotes would eat our chickens and that's why we keep them safe, etc.  The next day, Kiddo1 and Kiddo2 were running through the house saying "Here comes the pink coyote!"  
(see below for pink coyote...)

And while she doesn't yet talk, she has a few motions that we know the meanings of and she can sing.  Which is the sweetest sound you'll ever hear.  And then she giggles, which is the second sweetest sound.

She's an almost independent eater, one of her favorite foods is eggs, over easy.  (This morning she ate three!)

Today we had a lot of work to do outside to get ready for the turkeys.  Kiddo3 was a trooper and came with us all over the place.  But when we came in, she was tired and went to her bed.  She pulled out her blanket enough to have it on her head (where it is when she sleeps, she has to have something on her head) and went to sleep on the floor beside her bed.

Kiddo3 has a lot of nicknames, but my favorite for her is Little One.  Her sense of wonder and awe is amazing and makes me stop, just watching her.  She is so attentive and learning so much each day.  For example, she's figured out that when I sit down at the table it's time to pray and she clasps her little hands and then reaches for my hand and Kiddo1's hand.  Even if I get up to get something and sit back down, she thinks we need to pray again!

Today she saw her first turkeys and the wonder was there again.  

See that sparkle in her eye, the smile on her face, the hand clasped in joy?  That's my Little One!

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  1. This is beautiful, Annie! What a sweet little girl you have :)


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