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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Well, we're moved.



The vast majority of what we need to get through daily life is here.  You know, milk buckets, egg baskets, my children.

But Hubby continues to make the daily pilgrimage to the old place to bring more stuff that is useful, like our pig, the grain wagon for the chickens, Kiddo2's cowboy hat.  (In hindsight, that last one should have been in the previous paragraph...we found that one out the hard way.  It's been a rough 36 hours for my cowboy.)

The kids are adjusting well.  Me, not so much.

I try not to hate anything, but I intensely dislike moving.  And upheaval, chaos, un-organization of any sort.  And this is all of the above.  My kitchen is a nightmare.  I worked on it all day yesterday (and before you get all excited that I didn't go to the polls, I voted absentee last week) and it looks worse.  I didn't even know that was possible.

Oh, and our lamb and pork is back from the processor so I'm also trying to coordinate delivery of our last products of the year.

And I have to give a 2 hour talk on Saturday about small farms.

It is action packed here on THE FARM.

I'll share the horror pictures of the chaos that is my house, just as soon as I find my USB cord...


  1. I've always thought that moving wouldn't be so bad if you could go home and relax after. Except...

    1. I've resorted to a corner in the living room where I can put my blinders on....


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