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Friday, November 9, 2012

Today is his birthday

It's Hubby's birthday today and we're out prepping for "Snow-pocalypse 2012".  Which means we're moving the livestock into their winter corrals, setting out hay bales for winter grazing, getting frost-free waterers going and bedding down barns.

Isn't that how you spend your birthday?

But tonight after dark, we'll have a picnic in the basement.

And we'll eat the cheesecake that Kiddo1 and I will make after naptime.

And, to Kiddo2's great delight, we'll watch the "Complete First Season of Rawhide" that Dad got for his birthday.

Well, maybe we won't watch it all tonight.  Because only one of us can stand 19 hours and 40 minutes of cowboy action and he has to go to bed at 9pm.


  1. kiddo2! I almost forgot - came across this tutorial for how to make little chaps (and belt buckle) the other day, here is the link - http://www.sewastraightline.com/2009/10/little-cowboy-chaps_19.html

    1. This is AWESOME! I forwarded it to Grandma (aka official maker of chaps).
      Thank you!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Hubby! Sounds better than some of the birthdays we've had around here - my hubby once got pulled over on his birthday for driving without the insurance sticker showing on the license plate - $300 fine, and he had to walk home - and the sticker was in the glove box - I forgot to put it on :( - not a good birthday - I know he would happily have watched a Rawhide marathon instead.


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