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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Farm Work Continues

Many people have asked if I'm unpacked yet. 

The short answer is no.  Thank goodness the washer and dryer were hooked up because I'm wearing the same three pants and shirts.  My clothes are in garbage bags in our room. 

I finally have my kitchen unpacked and the boxes removed.  Also removed were boxes of stuff I moved and then asked, "Why did I move this?".  So they are headed to the thrift store.  The goal of this home is LESS STUFF.  And that starts with me.

(Well, if I'm truly honest, the goal is LESS STUFF  and MORE BOOKS.)  You really won't believe all the books we have.  We may have to issue library cards and I may have to have a SYSTEM.  At the very least I need one of those rubber stamps with all the days and dates on it so I can stamp the books.  (Perhaps I should just buy myself a rubber stamp and move on with life...)

Anyway, I'd love to show you the sea of book boxes and shelves that currently comprise my basement, but the USB cord for my camera is buried in my office boxes.  {sigh}

The only rooms that are organized are the living room, bathroom and the kitchen.  The bathroom was a MUST as there is a limit to how many days I can go without finding a hairbrush.  It's four.  The living room was easy because we are tearing out the carpet shortly, we didn't put much in it.  And the kitchen, well, if this mama is to have even a shred of sanity, she must cook.

I told Hubby the other day that I get "life" done every day and about 10 minutes of "extra"...like unpacking.  We're trying to get all the livestock situated outside.  And that has been a process. 

Hubby is hauling hay and setting up for bale grazing all winter.  We're pretty excited about this and I'll be keeping you updated on our progress as the winter goes on.  Plus, I'm repairing and building fences to keep the flerd and Patsy in their respective locations.  The watering fountain that they will share isn't working properly so we are hauling water for now.  That can be firmly put into the category of NOT FUN.  Hubby will tackle that project as soon as the hay is hauled.

We're busy bedding down barns and milking goats and comforting moving-stressed chickens and playing in the snow with our kids and all the other stuff that comes with living on the farm.

And maybe, just maybe, I can get some boxes unpacked...


  1. Even without moving house, I find it difficult to get much further than "getting "life" done every day and about 10 minutes of extra". Which is why I hope I never move again. Moving with small children and numerous livestock to look after as well? The mind boggles. Way to go Annie...
    Did you say snow? How long has that been around?

    1. We got an ice/snow storm over the weekend. A 1/4 inch of ice coated everything and then we got a couple inches of snow. Other parts of our state got a LOT more snow! 16+ inches in parts. We may melt a lot of it the next couple of days. If we can make it Thanksgiving without snow, the winter seems so much shorter!!


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