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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Kitchen Accidents

I love happy accidents.  You know, the kind where you didn't intend for that to happen, but it did and it totally worked out even better than you had hoped??

I had one of those yesterday.

It's a crazy week here on THE FARM.  Monday we had to go to the bank and do some paperwork and such.  There should be an award (or a ward?) for taking your young children to a bank while you sign paperwork.  Thankfully, there were three chairs in the lobby and I have three children who were told to plant their bottoms in those chairs and not move.  Two out of three listened, the little one did not.  Then the biggest one came running to tell us the littlest one was out of her chair.  {sigh}

Tuesday I am once-a-month cooking, which is the longest day of every six weeks, but completely worth it.  The great thing about this time is that my friend Lori and her daughter Ella are coming to spend the day to see how "the magic happens".  Translated:  I have someone over the age of 5 to talk to and the kiddos will love showing Ella all their toys and get into all kinds of trouble.

Wednesday, I'm cooking for Thanksgiving.  That's right, what the craziest thing you can do when you still have bags of clothes in your room and boxes everywhere??  Host Thanksgiving of course!  As all of my family is out-of-state, we are having Hubby's parents and aunts come over to see the new place and eat our homegrown food.

Where was I?

Oh yes, happy kitchen accidents.

So, with such a busy week ahead, I knew I needed to do some baking today.  Namely buns and some caramel rolls (cream was on sale last week, I stocked up).  Kiddo1 always helps with baking and today was no exception.  But now Kiddo3 felt the urge to help and help she did not!  I may or may not have butter smeared on every surface of my kitchen...

Doing a triple batch of bun dough while trying to get breakfast on the table with two helpers can cause even the best of mamas (and especially me) to forget things.  Oh, and having to rely on my memory of the recipe because it's packed in a box of which I know naught.

I bet you can guess what happened.  Yup, I forgot an ingredient, the salt.  And I could tell as soon as I bit into the first bun we ate hot from the oven for lunch.  Thankfully, I had not made up the caramel rolls yet.

When I rolled them out and spread the butter/brown sugar/cinnamon on the dough, I grabbed my salt shaker and dusted the surface with some salt.


Salted caramel rolls are better than regular caramel rolls.  I know you may find that hard to believe.  I had to eat three caramel rolls myself just to be sure.

But my dedication to quality made me do it...

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