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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Chickens, Week Two.

How quickly my babies have grown up! The girls have entered their awkward, adolescent period. Or as my hubby put it, "They actually kind of look like chickens!"

Already, they have doubled in size and are starting to fill up the once cavernous brooder. We've replaced their multiple feeders and waterers with just one of each. This gives them more room and more food and water available at all times, rather than run the risk of running out of either.

The are elongating their necks and legs and starting to feather out. The wings are first, followed by the tail feathers. It makes for some awkward looking chicks! (Kind of like the pimply faced, brace-face, just getting breasts look in junior high.)

See what I mean?? Poor girl, just muster on through, you'll be a beautiful chicken in just a few weeks!

John and I sit and watch the chicks for a long time. They are hilarious! For example, this chick is investigating a piece of newspaper. In a minute, she'll pick it up and start running. This will attract the attention of other chicks who will then start chasing her pell-mell around the brooder. Then one will steal it from her and the race is on in the other direction.

And then it gets peaceful, they'll settle down and cuddle up together and fall asleep. Ahhhh, who needs TV when you've got drama like this??

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