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Monday, May 24, 2010

Laundry Day

It's raining and storming outside today, so let's talk about happier topics...like laundry! I love laundry. I look forward to laundry day (Monday) with a passion. After my day of rest, I wake up Monday mornings and say "LAUNDRY here I come!!". Something about making order of chaos. What can I say, I like to fight entropy whenever possible! This might explain why I like to mow lawn so much and swath grain and bale hay...yes, I can see a pattern forming here.

Anyway, back to laundry. I have two small children who wear small clothes. At first, I didn't want to hang them all on the line because that would require an exorbitant amount of clothespins. But then, I love hanging clothes on the line and couldn't resist adding their fun clothes in with all our boring ones.

Here's the laundry crew for last week: Kiddo2 and Duke. You might notice that the lawn is not mowed under the clothesline. Well, frankly, there is only so much time in the day and an even smaller amount of time when my children are both sleeping so this part of the grass was not clipped...but it is now!

Here's the boring laundry: mismatched towels and grimy coveralls.

And the fun stuff. A great dress I got in a dollar box on eBay and Kiddo1's "Big Sister" shirt. She's going to need to have this defined because her brother is rapidly catching up with her in size.
Yes I hang all clothes upside down. They dry faster, more evenly and with fewer wrinkles. This fact is lost on the hubby who just hangs them out there willy-nilly. It makes my blood pressure go up, I tell you, to see such randomness!

I'm a sucker for fun jammies for my kids. And my MIL knows this. If you can't make them out, these are sock monkey jammies. The sock monkeys are playing all sorts of fun games. The first night she wore them, Kiddo1 took them off, hung them on the rail of her crib and just looked at them, laughing and babbling about all the fun the monkeys were having. Now that's how you know you have fun jammies!

Kiddo2 keeping track of the whole laundry process while enjoying his oatmeal cookie.

Lest you think my son has no fun jammies, here are his: car/trucks on the left and ghosts on the right. Regrettably, he grew out of an awesome pair of dino jammies that I was in love with. Even more so when they were on my cute son.

Ahhhh, laundry day. It does a body good. When they are dry, I fold them and pile them according to owner (each of us have a corner of the laundry basket). Back inside, I separate on our bed and put them away. All except the hubby's laundry. He has a SYSTEM of which no other human being on the face of the planet can fathom. He tried to explain it to me when we first got married, my eyes glazed over and I started babbling uncontrollably. And then I said, "You'll be putting away your own clothes."

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