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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Joy That is an Oatmeal Cookie

Our family has a long-standing love affair with oatmeal cookies. It's genetic. My dad loves them, I love them, and now my son loves them. As he is named after his grandfather, I thought it only fitting that his first ever cookie should be an oatmeal, fresh-baked of course.

In his excitement over the cookie, Kiddo2 dropped it into the grass.

Enter Duke to make sure that kind of thing never happens again.

And being the great mom that I am (you know, very concerned about building up his immune system and all), I dusted off the cookie and away he went.

I think he likes it.

He's ascended into some kind of cookie bliss.

Cookies are delicious.

"Please, Mom, may I have another?"

The only thing missing was his Papa. Hurry home to us, we miss you!

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  1. oh - that is so sweet! Good pics!! What a cutie pie! I wish I could have sat down and enjoyed one of your fresh-baked cookies with him. :)


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