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Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Biblical Cow

Sometimes I forget that we have a cow.  We do, remember?

Her name is Karlek, pronounced "KEAR-lic", which means Swedish for love because of that heart on her forehead.

It's a pretty accurate name when we read Paul's letter to the Corinthians where he defines love.

He begins, "Love is patient, love is kind..."

This is Karlek taking a nap.  She loves to sunbathe.  

Enter these little boys who love to run and jump and twist.

Can you imagine what happens next?

They use our beloved cow as a launching pad, a king-of-the-hill mountain, a racetrack.  Both Hubby and I have witnessed this and it is hilarious.  Karlek just lays here and chews her cud (digests her dinner) and the boys, Woody and Buzz, have a wonderful red and white playground.

This is very entertaining but also very exciting for this hand-milker.  It takes a pretty calm heifer to lay there and allow those goats to jump all over her.

Ahh, Karlek, you ARE patient, you ARE kind.

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